Rake Verhalen

Rake Verhalen consists of Lara and Nienke. We like to immerse ourselves in stories, for example through books, podcasts and documentaries. We are interested in people and their stories and we create productions within this theme through various media expressions. We get inspiration from conversations with each other and by observing the world around us.

Soon you can listen to the podcast Diagnosebingo in which we examine the pros and cons of diagnostics within psychiatry.

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Copywriting and social media

During my study Media Communication, but also later in my work as a Communication Coordinator I worked with copywriting and social media and gained a lot of knowledge about this. I also developed myself in creative writing, since this is a big part of the organisation I worked for.

Besides that I also wrote articles in Dutch for travel websites.

→ Articles on We Are Travellers

→ Guest article on Map of Joy